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Welcome to Sweet Touch Massage


Beautifully and Nice Place for Sensual Massage

Let yourself be enchanted and discover the magic of tantra massages Enjoy beautiful tantric massages with us in an absolutely relaxing, very nice feel-good atmosphere ...

We love to massage and touch. We would be happy to spoil you with our beautiful, enjoyable massages.

We look forward to you. 

Sensual Massage

30 min 170 CHF

45 min 220 CHF

60 min 270 CHF

90 min 370 CHF

120 min 470 CHF

180 min 670 CHF


3o min 120 CHF

45 min 170 CHF

60 min 220 CHF

90 min 320 CHF

120 min 420 CHF

Another Service of Request (Prostata, sensual Shower...)

Tantra & Sensual Massage

A mixture of sensuality, body to body, caresses and wellness will enchant you Professional, personal, warm, without a hurry. Enjoy sensual tantric wellness massages in a luxurious feel-good atmosphere We offer massages lasting 30 to 180 minutes. Please add enough time for a short conversation, time for tracing, showering as well as undressing and dressing to your booked massage time so that you can enjoy your time with us stress-free.

We offer different types of massages. We will be happy to spoil you and offer a unique sensual experience:

Tantra Massage

Tantra is a special form of sensual full-body massages. The centuries-old tantra massage is primarily about not only creating an exciting and relaxing experience for the body, but also caring for the mind and enabling an intensive experience and opening on a physical and emotional level. It is these magical and breathtaking moments that can show a new way to your own inner self. Due to the security and warmth and the complete abstinence from any pressure during a tantra massage, this unique sensual experience has already helped many guests to free themselves from a sensual low point and to awaken new spirits again.

Body to Body Massage

This oil massage is massaged with hands and full body. Skin on skin, a lot of closeness and intensive touches give you a cozy feeling and inspire your imagination. Enjoy every moment with all your senses. warm massage oil is lovingly distributed and massaged throughout the body. Tensions are released with a wide variety of touches, Proximity and the warmth of the body can be felt and enable complete relaxation. The whole body is used and the whole of your body is massaged intensively.

Sensual 4Hand Massage

A special treat. A 4-handed massage, embedded by two massage stones. Delicate hands everywhere. In places synchronously. More than a double pleasure! The special thing about our four-hand massage is that you can lose the feeling for space and time. You close your eyes, quickly you no longer know where the massage stones that are massaging you - feel caresses all over your body. Your mind has no chance to think, analyze, follow the touch. Borders dissolve and you sink into a room of a thousand sensations.


Caressing Massage

The gentle, imaginative play of tender hands on your body triggers the most pleasant waves in you. Closeness, silky-soft skin, loving touches, sensitive holding and weighing accompany you in a deep sense of security. Caresses for body and soul. Playful fingers and moments of surprise let you float more and more. You experience a slow, enjoyable glide into an increasingly pleasurable state.

Sensual Relax Massage

For everyone who needs deep relaxation. The sensual classic massage. The main benefit of massage is to maintain or restore the harmony of the organism through the art of touch. The skin is kneaded, tumbled and rubbed, muscle tension is released, and blood circulation and metabolism are activated. The improvement of the cell metabolism in the tissue relieves stress and creates a physical lightness. A classic massage can be carried out as a full body or partial body massage. Different massage techniques combined with sensuality let you relax, convey well-being and ensure inner balance. This full-body massage is done with warm aromatic oils. The combination of the gentle touch and the effect of the essential oils increases individual well-being and has a calming, stimulating or mood-lifting effect on body and soul.



We do not offer sexual or oral sex


About Tantra

Tantra - We will take care of you with a lot of tenderness and sensuality

The Tantric massages Probably the most intimate and at the same time most intensive form of massage. This passionate form of massage gives you pure pleasure and complete relaxation. The focus of the Tantra Massage is bare skin - paired with many touches. The Tantra Massage moves between sensuality and spirituality and proves to be an experience that you shouldn't miss. If you are looking for a beautiful sensual experience, we recommend our special pampering arts. We have a lot of experience and we love to massage.

Treat yourself to a relaxing short vacation without having to travel far Refuel with new life energy and then feel fit and balanced again. The stress of everyday life is not only troubling for many people. With our soothing massage I give you the piece of relaxation you deserve. We would be happy to advise you on-site about revitalizing massage types. The mindful, rhythmic sensual touch in connection with warm oil and nice music enables deep relaxation for the whole body.

A pleasant feeling of security releases inner tension. When the mind comes to rest, there is contact with the inner self. Treat yourself to some days of relaxation. Drive away fatigue and stress with massages in various forms, accompanied by melodic music ... Immerse yourself in the state of deep, pleasant relaxation and pamper your body with a relaxing massage. The sensual tantra wellness massages help you relax and reduce stress. They are an optimal balance to maintain the health of body, mind and soul. Treat yourself to a break and experience harmony through our relaxing massages. Enjoy the soothing massages and tension-relieving treatments in a pleasant atmosphere.

In a lovingly designed massage room Thanks to the harmonious atmosphere, you can easily relax and forget about worries and problems. You get the opportunity to prepare yourself for the massage in peace. We take time for you to give you an incomparable experience. With our tantra massage we use complete bodies to pamper you according to all the rules of sensual art. With this type of massage you can not only admire our eyes, but feel it on your skin. You lie on your back or stomach and feel us. Sometimes you feel caressing, massaging movements in our tender hands and shortly afterwards the touch changes. Hands, chest, belly, buttocks - we do not miss any part of the body to lead you into the realm of relaxation. With this passionate art of pampering, tension builds up. We take care of your enjoyment.

Enjoy individual massage experiences In addition to the tantra massage, you can also enjoy many other types of massage with us. On request, there is also the option of combining the individual elements of the massage forms. Put together a tailor-made massage experience.